Cooking party

Cooking Parties and Classes

Do you like to cook and wish you knew more of the secrets top chefs use in the kitchen to create masterful, delicious, and easy to prepare meals?

Do you love entertaining with friends and family where skillfully made dishes take center stage on your buffet table?

Is gathering in the kitchen with your closest friends doing something fun your idea of a ‘girls night out’?

Chef Judy Adler loves to teach other people tricks of the trade, and her approach to creating meals that tastes amazing, are easy on the budget, and enjoyable to make.  Her 20 plus years of experience of being a personal chef brings fun and value when you book a cooking party or host a cooking class in your own home with a handful of your closest friends.

A cooking party is a perfect way for you and your friends to prepare meals for your family under the guidance of Chef Judy.  Together you work out the menu for the week, she’ll do the shopping and bring all the ingredients to your party. All you have to do is bring your friends.  When you gather around in your kitchen at your cooking party with Chef Judy,  she will teach, guide and work side by side with you and your guests to prepare meals for the week.  Cooking parties are a great way to save time and money for your family, while building deeper bonds with those who mean the most to you.

Ready to give a Chef Judy a try? Simply call or e-mail her and set up your initial meeting with her today.

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