The Benefits Having Your Own Personal Chef

A personal chef is not only for the rich and famous. They can be a practical, time and money saving resource for quality, very nutritious, delicious meals for everyday families.

  • Do you love to eat clean quality food, but not enjoy shopping cooking prepping or cleanup that goes along with making a meal?
  • Do you like to cook and entertain, but would rather enjoy spending time with your guests than food prep for the party over the hot stove in the kitchen?
  • Do you enjoy cooking, but your schedule between work, kids, and play leads you little time to create new menus?
  • Have you made health decisions that require fresh, specific foods that work best for your body so you can feel and look great?
  • Are you at home alone, and find you don’t cook as often as you should because you’re cooking for one?

If you said yes to any of these questions,  Chef Judy Adler is the perfect solution for you!

Chef Judy provides her professional cooking experience starting with meals up for one person, all the way up to a gathering of 50 people.  chef Judy has been professionally cooking for  over 20 years.  Her experience in creating flavorful, menu specific meals that please your palate and work with your budget, bring many benefits to her clients.

Most people feel overwhelmed and burdened by having to answer the age old question “what’s for dinner tonight?”  Menu and meal planning takes time.  Not everyone enjoys it. Chef Judy does! You’ll benefit with more free time by knowing that Chef Judy’s years of experience makes working with her time efficient.  You can sit down with her once a week or once a month to talk about the types of food you like to enjoy, and still do the creating of the meal menus for you!  Working with her gives a lot of time and mental freedom to her clients as they know this task is in the hands of someone who’s very reliable and loves to cook amazing meals.

Southern California offers bountiful harvests of food year-round. Once Chef Judy has worked with you to plan your meals for the week of the month, she will save you time by doing the shopping for you. She sources her food from local vendors so you know the meals she creates for you our is fresh and flavorful as can be.  The vast variety of food available in our neighborhoods also means, your body year-round, will be getting a very balanced selection  of foods to help keep you healthy.

Another benefit Chef Judy’s clients enjoy, our meals that are portion controlled.  This helps you get healthy, stay healthy, and also how to avoid wasted food.   The meals that she makes for you are either ready to go, or heat and eat.  Specialized service for your food preferences gives you flexibility,  time freedom, and can save you money.

Ready to give a Chef Judy a try? Simply call or e-mail her and set up your initial meeting with her today.



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